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Network And Create Opportunities With

  • Local and International OEMs
  • Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Material Suppliers
  • Equipment And Service Suppliers
With The Following Job Titles:

Technical Directors, General Managers, Department Managers, Senior Engineers, Senior Specialists, Technical Specialists, Senior Researchers from...

  • Body Structures
  • Body In White
  • Joining
  • Welding
  • Bonding
  • Adhesive
  • Stamping
  • Forming
  • Corrosion
  • Coatings
  • Simulation
  • Self Piercing Rivets
  • Assembly
  • Implementation
  • New Technologies
  • Fastening
  • Technical
  • Frame
  • Quality
  • Sheet Metal
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Lightweight Engineering
  • Operations/R&D Centers
  • Welding Suppliers(Ultrasonic Welding, Laser Welding)
  • Bonding Suppliers
  • Fastening Suppliers (SPRs)
  • Adhesive Suppliers ....
  • Forming Technology Suppliers
  • Coatings/ Corrosion Protection
  • Component Suppliers
  • Additive Manufacturing For Vehicle Components/DMLS
  • Steel Suppliers
  • Aluminum Suppliers
  • Magnesium Suppliers
  • Advanced Composite Suppliers(I.E. Carbon Fiber Composites)
  • Recycling/Scrap Metal

Dr. Ing. Fouad el Khaldi

Strategy and Innovation General Manager

ESI Group

Dr. Fouad el Khaldi joined ESI Group (ESI) in 1988 and is currently, General Manager of Industry Strategy & Innovation, with special focus on co-creation innovation projects. With over 35 years of experience in the CAE industry Fouad has undertaken several different roles of increasing responsibility at ESI including the role of Senior Consultant for a Joint Venture created by IBM Japan and ESI in Tokyo where he was in charge of developing a new solution for sheet metal forming simulation in collaboration with the Japanese Automotive Industry. After the conclusion of that project Fouad established PAM-STAMP as an industrial simulation software product and the Virtual Manufacturing Product line at ESI. In 2000 he was a key contributor to the success of ESI's initial public offering and its associated business transformation. In 2004 he was appointed Manager of the Virtual Prototyping Software Branch which included significant M&A activity.

Dr. el Khaldi has authored and co-authored numerous technical papers on CAE innovation and applications in the virtual manufacturing process and prototyping. He also holds several patents in this field and is active in several industry associations Dr. el Khaldi is a member of the board of directors of Systematic - France where his special focus is on numerical simulation, virtual prototyping, and virtual product engineering.

Dr. el Khaldi holds a Civil Engineering Degree from AUB in Beirut, Lebanon and obtained his Ph.D. in Numerical Simulation from INSA in Lyon, France.

Fouad el Khaldi



GALM intelligence




Continuing Its Annual Output Of Technical Discussions And Networking Opportunities

This Summit Brings Together The Latest OEM Case Studies Looking At The Joining, Forming And Manufacturing Of Lightweight Materials

This exciting two-day agenda will feature the latest case studies on the practical application of the latest manufacturing technologies for joining, forming and quality assurance applicable to a wide spectrum of materials. Looking at the most suitable manufacturing processes for diverse strength aluminum, steel, magnesium and composites, no similar event will provide the same depth of knowledge and level of details to aid the cost effective and process efficient adoption of new technologies.


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