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Network And Create Opportunities With

  • Local and International OEMs
  • Tier 1 Suppliers
  • Material Suppliers
  • Equipment And Service Suppliers
With The Following Job Titles:

Technical Directors, General Managers, Department Managers, Senior Engineers, Senior Specialists, Technical Specialists, Senior Researchers from...

  • Body Structures
  • Body In White
  • Joining
  • Welding
  • Bonding
  • Adhesive
  • Stamping
  • Forming
  • Corrosion
  • Coatings
  • Simulation
  • Self Piercing Rivets
  • Assembly
  • Implementation
  • New Technologies
  • Fastening
  • Technical
  • Frame
  • Quality
  • Sheet Metal
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Lightweight Engineering
  • Operations/R&D Centers
  • Welding Suppliers(Ultrasonic Welding, Laser Welding)
  • Bonding Suppliers
  • Fastening Suppliers (SPRs)
  • Adhesive Suppliers ....
  • Forming Technology Suppliers
  • Coatings/ Corrosion Protection
  • Component Suppliers
  • Additive Manufacturing For Vehicle Components/DMLS
  • Steel Suppliers
  • Aluminum Suppliers
  • Magnesium Suppliers
  • Advanced Composite Suppliers(I.E. Carbon Fiber Composites)
  • Recycling/Scrap Metal

Day Two

Day 2: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

09:00   Virtual Event Platform Opens. Login and familiarize yourself with the platform features and introduce yourself to other participants. Networking Lounges will be open for virtual meetings

09:55  Welcome and Introduction to Day 2 by American Business Conferences

10:00  Paving the Road to Mass Market Battery Electric Vehicles: Body Structure Challenges of Increased Electrification

Battery electric vehicle designs for higher volume platforms differ greatly from ICE centered designs. This presentation will center around the global initiative towards electrification, the relative difficulty of platform level volumes, and how the automotive community might better amortize skateboard architectures while increasing customer reach

Edwin Pope, Global Lightweighting Principal Analyst, IHS Markit

10:30  Virtual Question & Answer Session

10:40  Refreshment Break. Participants can visit the Virtual Exhibition Area


11:10  Shaping the Future of Automotive: Lighter, Stronger, More Sustainable and Higher Performance Vehicle Structures for the New Generation of EVs

  • Mass reduction megatrends
  • Lightweighting's role as a key enabler of future mobility
  • High growth aluminum applications
  • Impact of US trade policy on U.S. manufacturing industry

Lauren Wilk, Vice President, Policy & International Trade, The Aluminum Association
Marshall Jinlong Wang, Senior Sustainability Specialist, The Aluminum Association

11:40  Virtual Question & Answer Session

Carbon Fiber And Composite Structures In High Volume Manufacturing


11.45  Adopting Structural Composites In The Manufacture Of Advanced Components With Low Cycle Times

  • Developments in compression molding
  • Advances in thermoset and thermoplastic resins with improved peformance
  • High pressure resin transfer molding (RTM) for thermosets and thermoplastics
  • Fiber Tailored Placement (FTP) as an alternative to traditional metal stamping
  • Potential for optimizing body structures through integration of stress sensing  fiber optics for strain monitoring and measurement
  • Looking to aerospace standardization to increase composite use

Dr. Venkat Aitharaju, Staff Researcher, Polymer Composites, R&D Technical Center and Principal Investigator, Department of Energy Project, General Motors

Dr. Raymond Boeman, Director, Vehicles Technology Area, Institute For Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI)

12:10 Virtual Question & Answer Session

12:15  Lunch Break. Participants can visit the Virtual Exhibition Area

Processing, Forming And Joining Of High Strength Steels And Aluminum


14.00  Improving The Manufacturability Of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS), Including Stamping And Hot Forming, For A New Generation Of EVs

  • Emerging transformative technologies in forming and joining
  • Achieving dimensional control with vehicle bodies and closures involving metal structures
  • The role steel will play in protecting the battery pack of Electric Vehicles
  • Looking ahead: The potential for more agile manufacturing and lower cost processing


John Catterall, Vice President, Automotive Program, American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)


Michael Davenport PE, Executive Director, Auto / Steel Partnership (A/SP)

Adam Ballard, Innovation Lead Engineer, Body Structures and Integrated Systems, Body SMT Innovations Team, General Motors

Dr. Hesham Ezzat, Senior Technical Consultant, Automotive Program (formerly Engineering Group Manager, General Motors), AISI

Dean Kanelos, Automotive Market Development & Product Applications Manager, Nucor

Stephen Lynes, Global Technology Manager, Western Hemisphere Automotive Product Applications, Global R&D, ArcelorMittal

14:35  Virtual Question & Answer Session


14:45  Analysis of Innovative Approaches For Joining Of Sheet Steel And Aluminum in High Volume Manufacturing

Innovative Approaches For Optimal Joining Of Steel And Aluminum To Overcome Process Defects

  • Analyzing enhanced joining and manufacturing processes for integrating aluminum into mixed-material vehicle structures
    Quasi-static testing of various mixed material technologies for typical automotive mixed material stack ups
    Cyclic fatigue and corrosion testing an analysis of mixed material technologies
    Optimizing the choice of new steels and aluminum alloys for high volume, lower cost vehicle production

Adam Ballard, Innovation Lead Engineer, Body Structures and Integrated Systems, Body SMT Innovations Team, General Motors

15:10  Virtual Question & Answer Session 

15:15  Refreshment Break. Participants can visit the Virtual Exhibition Area


15:45  Adopting A New Generation Of Hybrid, Laminated Materials And Aluminum Matrix Composites For Automotive Manufacturing Applications To Optimize Mass, Strength And Stiffness As Well As Reduce Material Costs

  • How hybridizing can reduce material costs significantly
  • Potential for honeycomb sandwich materials
  • Overcoming the challenges with exotic / hybrid materials in terms of incompatible chemistries, thermal loads, water absorption and corrosion
  • Composite sandwich construction without fasteners for low cost, thermally efficient lightweight body structures in commercial vehicles and class 8 trucks
  • Transforming the forming process using sandwich vacuum infusion and deep draw design to manufacture composite body structures

Dr. Andrzej Wylezinski PE, Structural Engineering Manager, Wabash National Corp.

16:15  Virtual Question & Answer Session

Vehicle Development And Manufacture For Zero-Emission Lifecycle & Environmental Sustainability


16:20  Moving To Adoption Of A Zero Emission Overall Lifecycle In Vehicle Development, Manufacturing And End-Of-Life Recycling

  • Implications of zero-emission lifecycle vehicle development and manufacturing
  • Energy demand issues with materials production and joining
  • What is the future for polycarbonates and plastics?
  • Potential for natural fibers as a low cost carbon fiber replacement
  • What is the potential of recycling for reducing composite materials costs?

Moderated by: Edwin Pope, Global Lightweighting Principal Analyst, IHS Markit

John Catterall, Vice President, Automotive Program, American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)

Russ Balzer, Technical Director,WorldAutoSteel

Jinlong Marshall Wang, Senior Environmental / Sustainability Specialist, Aluminum Association

16:50 Virtual Question & Answer Session

16:55 Closing Remarks From American Business Conferences

17:00 End Of Virtual Conference


GALM intelligence




Continuing Its Annual Output Of Technical Discussions And Networking Opportunities

This Summit Brings Together The Latest OEM Case Studies Looking At The Joining, Forming And Manufacturing Of Lightweight Materials

This exciting two-day agenda will feature the latest case studies on the practical application of the latest manufacturing technologies for joining, forming and quality assurance applicable to a wide spectrum of materials. Looking at the most suitable manufacturing processes for diverse strength aluminum, steel, magnesium and composites, no similar event will provide the same depth of knowledge and level of details to aid the cost effective and process efficient adoption of new technologies.


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