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5th Global Automotive Lightweight Manufacturing Summit

The Global Automotive Lightweight Manufacturing Summit is an OEM-led initiative driven by the latest advancements in manufacturing techniques, joining methods and forming processes for lightweight vehicles. The 2018 Summit is expected to generate even more innovative dissimilar material joining solutions and corrosion mitigation strategies, and overcome the manufacturing challenges associated with the next generation of lightweight materials for automotive large-scale production.

Exclusive to the 2018 Summit, we will host a top-level industry panel discussion on understanding how EV vehicles will impact manufacturing and joining technologies, featuring senior decision-makers from global OEMs.


With 2018 around the corner, leading OEMs continue to take forward steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and optimizing vehicle body structure reliability to meet both consumer expectations and government regulations.

Attending one of the most important events in the automotive calendar will help you to face these challenges with enhanced knowledge, and improve your day to day decision making.

Corrosion Mitigation Strategies : Showcasing The Latest Industry Best Practice And Technologies For Corrosion Mitigation In Mixed Material Structures.

>Highlights Include: Structural Adhesive And Mechanical Fastener Corrosion

EV/Hybrid Vehicle Design:   Stepping Into Future Vehicle Requirements; Examine How Joining and Manufacturing Processes Will Be Adapted For EV Vehicles.

>Highlights Include: Structural Integrity, Passenger Safety And Vehicle Electrification

Welding Solutions For UHSS to Aluminum : OEM Case Study Taking You Through The Best Practice For UHSS To Aluminum Joining.

>Highlights include: Methodology, Performance, Durability And Cost

Magnesium Focus : Detailed Analysis And Evaluation Of Magnesium Component Manufacturing

>Highlights include: Methodology For Forming And Safety Considerations

Thermal Expansion: Address The Expansion Properties Of Dissimilar Material Properties After Painting Process.

>Highlight includes: New Design Features

Aerospace Innovation : See And Discover Adhesive Joining And Composite Material Application Used In Aerospace Industry.

>Highlights Include: Adhesive Joining With Mechanical Fasteners And Extreme Temperature Testing

UHSS Springback Prediction: Detailed Analysis Of How To Increase Prediction Performance Of UHSS Component Following Springback Effect.

>Highlights Include: Prediction Simulation Softwares And Tools To Compensate Springback


Technical Fellow, General Motors

Good mix of talks and speakers and there was more technical content than I expected. This was a pleasant surprise. Food, resources and media were excellent

Advanced Materials Research, Honda R&D Americas

Concept directly in line with challenges I face everyday. Great to hear other OEMs/Tiers speaking about these issues

Engineer - Roof Systems, Bentley Motors

I was attracted by increasing my knowledge of material choice as well as discussing in depth issues such as cost and recyclability. Good scope of presenters.

Technical Lead - Materials for Advanced Technology & Research (AT&R), Volvo Group Trucks Technology

TIER1 partners must attend this event to understand what their customers are striving for as well as gain valuable network connections.



GALM intelligence




Continuing Its Annual Output Of Technical Discussions And Networking Opportunities

This Summit Brings Together The Latest OEM Case Studies Looking At The Joining, Forming And Manufacturing Of Lightweight Materials

This exciting two-day agenda will feature the latest case studies on the practical application of the latest manufacturing technologies for joining, forming and quality assurance applicable to a wide spectrum of materials. Looking at the most suitable manufacturing processes for diverse strength aluminum, steel, magnesium and composites, no similar event will provide the same depth of knowledge and level of details to aid the cost effective and process efficient adoption of new technologies.




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